Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Method of the year

Is that time of the year again. The time to vote for the "Method of the year", a recognition given by Nature Methods since '07. Every once in a while a method is developed with the potential to greatly advance our knowledge in a particular field, allowing us to ask new questions or to refine our answers to long-standing problems in the life sciences. The idea is to "select a methodology with a demonstrated potential to strongly influence the pace and direction of scientific inquiry".

In 07, Nature Methods nominated "next-generation" sequencing for the award (although the name is far from useful, see Post-apres-next generation sequencing), and "super-resolution fluorescence microscopy" was their choice in 08.

You can now participate by nominating and voting for methodological developments to be considered for the recognition at http://www.nature.com/nmeth/votemoy2009 1
You may nominate any recent method or class of methods, published anywhere in the scientific literature, that you believe is likely to have a profound impact on future biological research. You are welcome to nominate a method that you yourself developed, but please acknowledge your connection to it. 2
After reading the editorial in Nature Methods I was left with the impression that even though they are hosting an open poll for choosing the Method of the Year, ultimately, they'll have the final saying in deciding, even if it doesn't match the most voted one:
We will take the results of the popular vote into consideration when choosing the Method of the Year 2009, and the votes will also serve as inspiration for picking the Methods to Watch that accompany it.2
Anyway, it's a good chance to log in and nominate your favorite technique!

1 You'll need a Nature account to participate.
2 Nature Methods 6, 547 (2009)

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