Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cry for help: help me win a free bioKM account!

Dear readers,

I come to you today, asking for your help. As you know, I'm a "scientwist", a scientist that tweets [see Labelling the molecular biologist (who tweets)].

Recently, BioData started a Twitter Challenge. The prize? A free lifetime account at BioKM, "a secured internet application designed to meet the everyday needs of researchers in an academic lab environment".

In order to win, scientwists must be nominated by other twitter users.

I REALLY want to win this account, so please nominate me!

All you have to do is tweet the following: +1 @aemonten @bioKM

and you'll be helping me towards this goal. I look forward to your tweets!!

Oh... and remember to follow me on Twitter :-).

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