Monday, December 21, 2009

Quotes from the science blogosphere

"We've all been there- in the lab, working hard on an experiment, trying to achieve the goals of a larger project. That's what we do, right? Day in and day out. But there seems to be a small problem:

The shit is not working.

Now, I will be upfront about the fact that my shit almost never works at first. As such, I am generally nonplussed but such failure. Minor annoyances in the grand scheme of things- I often tell my coworkers that I will attempt a new assay or method 5-7 times before I give up. Inevitably, the problem will sort itself out when I change my seeding density or the timing alleged by the assay "instructions" or the color of the shirt I wear when I run the experiment".
(my emphasis)

-Candid Engineer in a post on her blog on how to proceed when you are against experiments that just won't work.

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