Sunday, January 17, 2010

Research Blogging Awards 2010

Research Blogging Awards 2010Directly from its website:

Seed Media Group’s Research Blogging Awards honor the outstanding bloggers who discuss peer-reviewed research. With nearly 1,000 blogs registered at and 8,500 posts about peer-reviewed journal articles collected, it is time to recognize the best of the best.

Any blog that discusses peer-reviewed research is eligible for nomination, and the winners will be determined by votes from their peers in the Research Blogging community. All finalists will be highlighted on, and winners will receive cash prizes totaling $2000.

We've been a part of RB for some time now (our first post at RB was on January 29th, 2009) and our posts, either discussing stand-out papers in molecular biology or highlighting the best molbio posts aggregated to RB, have been a success. For example, last week, our two posts aggregated to RB were the most viewed ones under "Biology".
As I've mentioned before, our blog differs from most science-themed blogs as it is written by scientists for scientists, and we are very pleased with how this whole project has developed.

Please support MolBio Research Highlights by nominating us in any category you feel we fit in.

More info here.

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