Monday, February 8, 2010

Guest hosts for PoW during February

Frequent readers of this blog, will be acquainted with our weekly series "Picks of the Week"(PoW), in which we select stand-out molbio-related blog posts aggregated to ResearchBlogging the week before.

After this long year, I've decided to take some time off during February, and due to the success this series has had, I wanted to keep things rolling while I'm away (I may not actually be "away" per se, but I want to take some time off to do some other stuff). So, what better way to keep PoW going than inviting fellow bloggers to host PoW during February?

I invited a few of the ones that are generally part of PoW (and are among my twitter friends ;-) and many were eager to participate!

So, I'm pleased to present this week's "Picks of the Week", hosted by none other than LabRat, a fellow science blogger who has been selected for PoW many times now.

This week's title?

Check it out now!!

(If you want to guest host PoW anytime during the year, just send me an email!)

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