Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where you end up publishing your paper... not what's most important. Focus your time and energy on trying to do a good job and on being thorough and analytical about your research, rather than on worrying about metrics and whatnots....

I've just read a short article while browsing around the latest issue of LabTimes and wanted to share this short quote with you.

“Don’t worry about it, old chap. Your article is good, actually very good. And these days, good articles will be read – and cited – wherever they appear.”

Ralf Neumann (See the short story here)

This is actually very true in this day and age, when many life scientists find out about new articles through PubMed or other databases, rather than by browsing through the print issue of their favorite journal (or the corresponding electronic Table of Contents). At least in my case, I learn about new articles important for my research through customized PubMed searches (the results of which are sent to my email) and not by reading the Table of Contents of a few hand-picked journals. This would just be silly...

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Deray said...

Also, one thing is where you want to send your paper, another is where actually gets accepted ;-)