Sunday, July 4, 2010

My article on Yeast Recombinational Cloning is out!

In a previous post, I highlighted the wonders of using yeast recombinational cloning as an alternative to “classic” cloning, particularly when a high-throughput approach was to be taken [See An alternative cloning strategy: yeast recombinational cloning].

Some time after posting it, I was contacted by the people at Lab Times, who asked me to write an article about this fantastic methodology for their journal. This, of course, was an invitation I gladly accepted, as I was very excited about the fact that a post on my blog had reached the people at this German-based journal. In fact, one of the most positive aspects of blogging involves being able to get through to scientists all over the world.

My article, entitled "Yeast Recombinational Cloning", was written for a section called "Bench Philosophy" which includes articles dealing with attractive methods and techniques.

The article is now live as part of the 03-2010 issue and you can check it out here.



el astudillo said...

Hey! Congrats for the article and the award! Nice to see your blog with such a success.

rama said...

Thums up .... bro