Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quotes: Publish like a pro

"Authors should try to resist the urge to let their findings trickle out over many years and many papers. Although the trend in the past may have been to turn each PhD thesis chapter into a manuscript, these days, even scientists at the postgraduate level should try to get one or two higher-profile papers rather than several lower-profile pieces (...)"

-Mark Hauber, in an interview in Nature entitled "Publications: Publish like a pro".



Chris Dieni said...

Wow... I couldn't disagree more!

Alejandro Montenegro-Montero said...

if the idea is to get a postdoc after grad school, the actual pondering will ultimately depend on who is hiring, I guess...

some PIs may go for someone with a couple of papers published in top-tier journals, while others may value publishing a number of papers in "not-so-glam journals", telling a whole story.

I´ve been hearing these sorts of ideas a lot lately, but few (or none) intentionally put it into practice, because they (as most grad students) just want to engross their publication lists with the idea that this will improve their chances of getting the postdoc position they want or whatever other position they may be after