Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quotes from the science blogosphere: Tip for grad students and postdocs

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(...) This brings me to the observation that it is not just the case that we evil PIs only train PhD level scientists for technical work. It is also the case that some many trainees show little evidence that they themselves understand that bench work IS just technical work. If you don't have a conceptual grasp of what you are trying to understand, big picture, you are soooo not ready to be a PI. A scientist, yes indeed, but not a scientist ready to head up an independent research program. You don't get there only by reading papers. You get there by writing. Writing academic text. Whether that be for a dissertation that will only moulder in the library or for a manuscript ready for publication.
-DrugMonkey, on a post entitled "The Care and Feeding of Your PI: A tip for grad students and postdocs"