Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RNA silencing

I think it was about time Nature published a new Insight on RNA silencing (there was one on RNA interference in 2004). As I mentioned on a recent post, small RNAs have revolutionized molecular biology and are now considered as important regulators of gene expression and also genome integrity.
Since the pioneering work of Victor Ambros and Gary Ruvkun in animals (describing the first miRNA and its target) and David Baulcombe in plants (describing a "little thing" called 'co-supression'), great advances have been made and these small RNAs have been found to participate on a vast array of biological processes on both plants and animals.
This Insight has just been published online today, so as soon as I get my paper issue of Nature, I'll take a deeper look at it (I just breezed through the articles at the lab).
It's a Free Access document, so I invite all of you to take a look at it, and post your comments here.