Saturday, April 25, 2009

You can follow "Around the journals" through RSS

Last March we highlighted a new feature here at MolBio Research Highlights: "Around the journals" (AtJ). This feature came to solve a problem regarding the number of articles being posted and shared with all of you [New feature in MolBio Research Highlights].
We consider this feature to be very helpful as it allows us to share with you articles we think of as being interesting, despite not being able (mainly because of time constrains) to discuss them all in detail.
When we posted this new feature we mentioned that the only downside to it was that it could not be followed through RSS feed, so you had to visit the site to check the articles being shared. Nevertheless, we recently found out that the articles can indeed be followed through RSS feed! (Here's the link)

I hope this comes as a help to everyone following the blog and those wanting to stay current in molecular biology research by receiving the best articles right into their RSS readers [Again, I recommend Google Reader].


1 Comment:

el astudillo said...

Good application!
I used to have the feeds of the journals in a very good program, but the authors killed the webpage, so...
I think bringing these tools into science is very necessary and useful.
See ya soon.