Monday, September 28, 2009

MolBio Research Highlights hits the news

Those who follow me on twitter know that a few weeks ago I was interviewed by a nation-wide newspaper to discuss scientist-written blogs, particularly those arising from Chile1,2.
Briefly, I commented that there are different types of these blogs, ranging from the ones that discuss science in general and are directed to a broad, though science-interested audience, to blogs written specifically for other scientists in a particular field (like MolBio Research Highlights).

I consider this interview (which was published today and also features María José Navarrete Talloni's blog over at Nature Network) to be timely and reflects how more and more scientists are getting on board with blogging and many are joining online communities (twitter, friendfeed, facebook, etc.) to do what we like the most: discuss science, particularly in a friendly and relaxed environment .

The article is a good way to spread the news to other Chilean scientists for them to join these communities, follow or write their own blogs and start experiencing this new way of science communication and networking.

1The article is entitled "We can now add blogs, to microscopes and test tubes" and was published today in "El Mercurio". It was written by Paula Leighton.

2 The picture is also part of the same interview. I should really do something about that mess on my bench.

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