Friday, May 22, 2009

A couple of Q&A papers

Recently, two interesting articles, in a Q&A format, have been published in the high-tier Open Access Journal of Biology.

More and more high-throughput technologies and various -omics and imaging techniques call for the need of some degree of mathematical competence in the life sciences.
Systems biology is an area which undoubtedly calls for these skills.
So, what exactly is Systems Biology? This takes us to the first of the two articles I wanted to share with you: Jim Ferrell at Stanford completed a Q&A on Systems Biology.1

The second article, is related to Epistasis [Q&A:Epistasis], which as Roth et al.2 point out, can mean different things to different people.

1 Ferrell JE Jr: Q&A: Systems Biology. J Biol 2009, 8:2.
2 Roth FP et al: Q&A: Epistasis. J Biol 2009, 8:35.

Credit: image is from here.

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