Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Influenza viruses reach Q&A at JBiol

In the latest Q&A article from the Journal of Biology, Peter Doherty and Stephen Turner discuss what we know about pathogenicity and transmissibility of influenza viruses [See also A couple of Q&A papers, for other recently highlighted Q&A articles from JBiol].

Doherty PC & Turner SJ (2009)Q&A: What do we know about influenza and what can we do about it? Journal of Biology 2009, 8:46

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el astudillo said...

Hi, Alejandro!

About my post, the answer is:
Zotero... Well... it's free! jaajja... seriously... in Mac (and I spent days reading posts and forums about this topic), Endnote and Word don't work at all. For example, if I use Endnote in Word to manage citations, I can't write accented characters. Every time I write "ó", or "á", Word crashes. And usually I lost the changes (even if I set up the autosave every minute, you know that you can write that smart idea in seconds).
Also, Endnote makes Word slow (even in Mac, which is faster than 90% of the PCs around the world).
Zotero, works very well with Word, meaning: 1) I can write accented characters; 2) Your computer barely knows that Zotero is on... RAM free for Photoshop, or other softwares; 3) No need for installing RAM and Memory-consuming software... Zotero is a add-on for Firefox.
Now, I create libraries with Endnote (I still use Endnote because allows me to have these libraries in my Palm), and I import them from Zotero. Works just right. Try it.

el astudillo said...

Yeah, I forgot... So far, I have noticed that Zotero abvreviates journal titles correctly! As in Endnote, you can choose among several styles. And in the Zotero webpage, there are many styles for installing. And, also as in Endnote, if you insert a new citation bewteen previous citations, the bibliography and the citations itself change automatically.