Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Ten simple rules" in science

Phil Bourne (PhD in Chemistry from the Flinders University of South Australia and now Professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UCSD) is the Editor in Chief of PLoS Computational Biology.
Over the past few years (since 05, if I'm not mistaken) he has written a series of articles under a "Ten Rules for" theme, aimed at different audiences in the scientific field. They provide"a quick, concentrated guide for mastering some of the professional challenges research scientists face in their careers".

While some of the rules within each list are fairly obvious and then not so helpful, and others are downright arguable, in general this is a good series to pass around in your lab and read, for example, during downtime at the bench or during your daily commute. I'm sure they will lead to deep conversations and analyzes (even if they take place at a bar on a Friday night) 1 and just by doing so, they are of great use.

Recently, other authors, besides Bourne (and collaborators), have decided to contribute to this series (see list below).

Articles like these are always welcomed, specially by grad students [see also the "How to succeed in science: a concise guide for young biomedical scientists" series by Jonathan W. Yewdell].

I know some other fellow bloggers have, in the past, talked about this series, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, as it is being continuously expanded.
So here's the list of articles, to all of which (as this is a PLoS journal) you have open access.


(You can download the whole series (except number 13, which is expected in the May 26th issue) in just one PDF file, here).

01. Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published
02. Ten Simple Rules for Getting Grants
03. Ten Simple Rules for Reviewers
04. Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Postdoctoral Position
05. Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Collaboration
06. Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations
07. Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation
08. Ten Simple Rules for Doing Your Best Research, According to Hamming
09. Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students
10. Ten Simple Rules for Organizing a Scientific Meeting
11. Ten Simple Rules To Combine Teaching and Research

12. Ten simple rules for aspiring scientists in a low-income country
13. Ten Simple Rules for Choosing between Industry and Academia.

1 Of course, you can only discuss this on a bar on a Friday night if you party with fellow scientists...(which I do :-) )

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