Monday, March 22, 2010

I won!!

Richard Grant, Information Architect at F1000, organized a fascinating Twitter contest. The idea was to "post your most embarrassing scientific error or egregious lab-based manipulation to Twitter with the #scifubar hashtag".

I read about it last night and decided to enter with two funny stories from my Department (remember you can post up to 140 characters in Twitter):

1) I saw someone try to melt agarose by adding a magnetic bar and placing the bottle on a magnetic stirrer #scifubar


2) Undergrad said he couldn't "paint" the black lines on the autoclave tape as good as his supervisor (he even bought a black marker) #scifubar

Today, the winners where announced through Twitter (by @f1000) , and to my amazement, I won!!:
We have a #scifubar winner! @aemonten for autoclave tape shenanigans ^rpg

A bag of F1000 swag, including the much-coveted laser-stylus-pen-torch thingy, is on its way to Chile!

Thank you "anonymous" undergrad, and thank you Richard!

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Psi Wavefunction said...

For a second I was excited thinking this has something to do with the RB awards =P Congrats, the autoclave tape story is truly epic! Will be sure to consider next time I'm training fresh undergrads...

rpg said...

Much deserved :) Well done again!

Hannah W said...

Congrats! It wasn't too long ago that I thought those were drawn on too... I figured it out before trying to draw them though!

Well done!