Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new way to fund Science: Search for Research

Fascinating. That's how I would describe the newest initiative at Benchfly, directed at raising funds for Scientists!

There's a video explaining everything (funny, check it out), but if you are super super busy, then here's a summary:

1) You download and install a browser toolbar from Benchfly (here)
2) Every time you use the toolbar, you help raise a little money which goes into a pot (courtesy of search engines, which benefit from the additional search traffic)
3) All the money raised is then doubled by Sigma, and the whole pot is given away to scientists!

But how? And to whom?

4) Benchfly will give away "Microgrants". If you are a scientist and would like a piece of that money to partly fund your research, you have to go to Benchfly's Facebook Page and describe you research in 100 words or less.

Who selects the winners? Notably, anyone with an internet connection. People vote at Benchfly's Facebook page based on the research descriptions provided.

The more toolbars downloaded, the more searches performed, the more money raised, the more microgrants can be awarded.

Get the toolbar and "search for research"!

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