Saturday, March 27, 2010

What does Spring Break mean to grad students?


Not quite.

To us, spring break, is just that time of the year when:

1) we don't have to wait in line at the University cafeteria
2) we can park wherever we want
3) we can sit wherever we want at the library
4) your PI spends more time at his/her office and thus, pops up in the lab asking how experiments are going, more frequently

(From Phd Comics)

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Lab Rat said...

Lol I might as well write it here as well. Spring break for undergrads means desperate revision, panicing about write-ups, and stareing longingly out the window at the other people enjoying the return of the sun.

Although longer days mean more light, which does make the studying easier.

Chris Dieni said...

And in a way, I think it's a bit unfortunate that things are the way they are. Spring break means party time for undergrads (according to that picture), but not vacation time for grad students (or postdocs, or staff)? Okay... then... why not...?

Sure, I absolutely understand and agree that when the undergrads are away, and TA-ing duties are put aside, that it's an ideal time to get more research work done, meet with you PI, and so forth. That being said, why shouldn't it be considered an ideal time for vacation for grad students/postdocs/staff also, assuming they want to take that week as opposed to another week? They have no undergrads to take care of for a week, so maybe it's the perfect time for them to get in some fun as well... not necessarily going crazy at the beach, but at least a little rest and relaxation.

But that's just my opinion, and I tend to raise a lot of eyebrows from academics when I say such controversial things.