Friday, March 27, 2009

PHD Comics's Jorge Cham in Science: a profile

Most of us (and by 'us' I mean grad students) are familiar with Jorge Cham's comic strip "Piled Higher and Deeper" or just "PHD" where he illustrates the everyday frustrations and experiences of life in a lab from a hilarious point of view. Most of us have come across with certain comic strips that reflect exactly what we experience on a daily basis and, as someone else has said "It makes you feel you're not the only one out there".

Some are just plain funny.

This week's issue of Science has an extensive profile on the man behind PHD, on the News Focus section [PROFILE: JORGE CHAM: Piled Higher and Deeper: The Everyday Life of a Grad Student]

I leave you with some of my favorite strips so you know what I'm talking about:

[Hat Tip:Andre at Biocurious]