Monday, March 16, 2009

Young women in science

There are several initiatives throughout the life sciences celebrating women in science. For example, the RNA Society celebrates a "Women in Science" dinner at every meeting. For obvious reasons I've never attended, but in those dinners, successful female scientists talk about their experience in the scientific world in a way to inspire young female researchers.

Also, the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards are awarded annually to five outstanding female scientists worldwide.
One Award Laureate is named from each of five continents: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. Notably, the Laureates receive individual awards of US$100,000.
Commemorating the International Women’s Day (March 6th), five of the world’s women leaders in science each received the award at a ceremony in Paris.

In a way to highlight this event, Science/AAAS, in collaboration with the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation, have put together the "Young Women in Science booklet". It's full of exciting and inspirational stories about young women beginning their scientific careers.

These new profiles, from interviews with young women at the start of their science careers, tell their stories of passion and persistence —what drives and excites them about their work in the sciences. We hope that young girls (and boys)—as well as their educators—will find fun and inspiration in these pages and learn a little about what life as a scientist is all about.
The booklet includes:


* Common Passion for Common Good
* Encouraging Talent
* Changing the Face of Science - A Word from The L'Oréal Foundation
* A Word from UNESCO


* Spreading the Seeds of Knowledge
* Many Ways to Make a Difference
* A Big Problem in a Small World
* Unlocking Nutrition's Cancer-Prevention Potential
* Personal Challenge, Shared Triumph
* From Math Geek to Malaria Genetics
* Continuing the Family Business
* Revealing Nature's Pharmacopeia
* Believing in the Environment
* Ministering to the Needs of a Nation
* The Romance of Biodiversity
* Tackling a Pesty Problem from Different Angles
* Finding the Right Balance
* Virus Crime Scene Investigator
* Resilience in the Face of Stress
* Flourishing to the Extreme
* Folk Medicine for the 21st Century

Check it out!