Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snapshots: Auxin

The plant hormone Auxin is a key player during pattern formation and organogenesis and is involved in virtually every aspect of plant growth and development.

Growing evidence suggests that its signaling pathway may be more complex than previously anticipated. During the past 15-20 years we have been able to identify important components of its signaling pathway and generate models to explain how auxin regulates different developmental processes 1,2.

The latest "Snapshot" from Cell, depicts "Auxin Signaling and Transport".
For a full list of SnapShots, click here. I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

1 Lau S, Jürgens G, De Smet I (2008) The evolving complexity of the auxin pathway. Plant Cell. 2008 Jul;20(7):1738-46.
2 Mockaitis K, Estelle M (2008) Auxin receptors and plant development: a new signaling paradigm. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 2008;24:55-80.