Monday, October 12, 2009

Nature Communications: a new journal from NPG

Nature Communications, a new online-only journal from NPG is now open for business:
Nature Communications is an online-only, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of the biological, physical and chemical sciences. Papers published by the journal represent important advances of significance to specialists within each field.
Noteworthy is the fact that:

(...) papers published in Nature Communications will be of high quality, without necessarily having the scientific reach of papers published in Nature and the Nature research journals.
The journal will be launched in Spring 2010, but is now accepting submissions.

Learn more at the Journal's home page.

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Unknown said...

This looks like a direct attack on PLoS ONE. The publishing model looks very similar and it will be free to publish there. If you want open access though they will hit you with a whopping $3570 fee at which point there's no point not to publish with PLoS ONE for $1350.

Alejandro Montenegro-Montero said...

Here are the article processing fees from Nature Communications for the OA option:

Open access options

Authors can either publish through the traditional subscribed access route or make their paper open access through payment of an article-processing charge (APC).

The article publication charge is as follows:

* $5,000 (The Americas)
* €3,570 (Europe)
* ¥637,350 (Japan)
* £3,035 (UK and Rest of World)

Ok, that's steep...

Nevertheless, I'm sure some authors will favor this journal over PLoS ONE, mainly because of the "impact" the Nature brand carries.
Nature journals always get lots of citations and are very highly praised.