Thursday, October 1, 2009

Silence: a journal of RNA regulation

I was browsing around BioMed Central's website, surfing through different BMC journals when I came across with Silence.

"Silence? What the heck is this?" I thought to myself. So I clicked on it and there it was:
Silence is an online, peer-reviewed open access journal that covers all aspects of genetic and epigenetic control that are mediated by RNA.
Although Silence is presently accepting submissions, it's yet to be launched by BioMed Central.

David Baulcombe and Phil Zamore (Editors in chief) lead a FANTASTIC editorial board:

Victor Ambros (United States)
Rumiana Bakalova (Japan)
David Bartel (United States)
James Carrington (United States)
Richard Carthew (United States)
Xuemei Chen (United States)
Mark E Davis (United States)
Witold Filipowicz (Switzerland)
Klaus Giese (Germany)
Scott Hammond (United States)
Gregory Hannon (United States)
Craig P Hunter (United States)
Elisa Izaurralde (Germany)
Steve Jacobsen (United States)
Richard A Jorgensen (United States)
Mark A Kay (United States)
Anastasia Khvorova (United States)
V Narry Kim (Korea, Republic Of)
Judy Lieberman (United States)
John Mattick (Australia)
Marjori Matzke (Austria)
Peter Mouritzen (Denmark)
Norbert Perrimon (United States)
Nikolaus Rajewsky (Germany)
John J Rossi (United States)
Mikiko C Siomi (Japan)
Frank J Slack (United States)
Erik Sontheimer (United States)
Markus Stoffel (Switzerland)
Thomas Tuschl (United States)
Peter Waterhouse (Australia)

So many great scientists! So many people I'd like to invite to my University! I got to invite John Mattick here last April [see Long overdue post on John Mattick's visit] and now I'm pushing for David Bartel, but most of these scientists were on the same list Mattick was when we decided on him, so we'll just have to see.

Anyway, the journal seems timely and I look forward to its first issue.
Check it out: it's Open Access

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misahasavva said...

On the subject of epigenetic (biofield) control system of the organism look at

Methilation, etc. is the last step of control.

Savely Savva

Chiki said...

This journal looks very interesting.

Thanks for the contribution.