Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quotes from the science blogosphere

I read a lot of blogs and I love it. Most (all) of them are of a scientific nature, although their orientation varies: some discuss primary research literature and science in general and a few others are funny rants about life as a scientist. They are all part of the fantastic science blogosphere experience I've been living since last January, and I value them deeply. During lab downtime , I can just sit down and browse through my Google Reader to see what's new on my favorite blogs.

Every so often, I come across with a funny quote that I usually then share through my Facebook status or my Gmail nickname. Last night, while preparing my "Picks of the Week", I read a comment on one of the posts that made me crack up, and immediately shared it through the channels mentioned. It then occur to me that I could also share them through my blog for others to enjoy.

So here I am, sharing just two of the most recent ones, but I will be sharing more as I find them:
(...) cell signalling is the most boring subject in cell biology. There are of course exceptions, but if you've spent your entire PhD studying ONE residue of a X-kinase-kinase-kinase doing in-vitro auto-phosphorylation assays and cloned 92 different point mutations, I feel bad for you.
-Anonymous Coward, as a comment on this post at Bayblab.

It is my solid faith that the intelligent designer took a few hits of LSD on the 7th day, and created the protists. True story.
-Psi Wavefunction, as a comment on this post at Lab Rat.

I then remembered that a few weeks ago, I actually shared a quote from a fellow blogger here at my blog [Rant by fellow blogger: manuscript reviewing]
(...) I must admit it was difficult not to laugh while trying to find a diplomatic way of saying that the manuscript was the scientific equivalent of vomit and that it appeared to have been conceived, executed and written by a turnip.
-Professor in Training (blog post, here).

I promise to keep them coming. I will label these posts under "blog quotes".

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