Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Picks of the week" will now be published on Mondays

A huge headache and lots of accumulated lab work have finally pushed me into making a decision I`ve been considering for a while now.

I will move my "Picks of the Week" [see this post if you don´t know what that is. Also, see here] from Thursdays to Mondays: this allows me to start preparing these posts on the weekends, which doesn`t disturb my "lab time" as much.

I´ll have more time to read, analyze and discuss insightful and provocative posts aggregated to, and then highlight them here for you. I think this works for the best.

I´ll be back on Monday with my Picks of the Week of molbio blog posts aggregated to
Stay tuned!
(Image Credit: Wheaton College)

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