Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's relaunch the Molecular and Cell Biology Blog Carnival

While looking around the Blog Carnival site for the Cancer Research Blog Carnival, I thought I'd give it a chance and look if there was a carnival on molecular biology.
And there was one, the "Molecular and Cell Biology Carnival", but it was discontinued last December, after only 5 issues.

So, crazy idea here... let's relaunch the Carnival! There are lots of Molbio articles at Researchblogging, so there is a core of articles that could in principle be included in the Carnival. It'll take some time to advertise that the Carnival is back in business, but it just may work. I'm not sure why the Carnival was discontinued the first time, but I guess it was because of a lack of articles (or of willing hosts). This would be the main issue to tackle if we are thinking of relaunching it. That's why we should start by advertising the carnival a lot before anything else. Researchblogging can be a good place to search for potential contributors and hosts.
If the problem was indeed the lack of articles, we could consider launching it only every two months, so articles could pile up.
So, what do you think.... should we give this a chance?

[Image credit: Exothermic]

Note added: Now that I think of it, while it is a good idea to give it two months for the articles to pile up, this would result in some articles being 'too old' by the time Carnival followers get them... any other ideas on how to increase the number of articles submitted?

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