Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More videos from the Biotech companies...

I've posted a series of funny (and geeky) videos from different biotech companies promoting their new technologies and equipment before [See Commercials in life science research: Roche, BioRad does it again... and Another (geeky) science commercial] in which I've commented on the pros of their production.

From what is really becoming a "video battle" between companies, I bring you another series of videos, although two are more music videos than short stories.

First, a rock ballad for Roche xCelligence:

Little cells, resting on your plate, tell me how you feel down there, inside?

There is another (more rocker) video for this system here

Then, you can "Reach that Peak" with this video from Agilent.

you are my mass spec girl, I'm your mass spec boy...

Lastly, check out a funny video promo for Agilent Total RNA Isolation Mini Kit here

Share these videos around in your lab! Let us know if you find more of these videos...

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Unknown said...

This is perhaps my favourite science tool commercial ever, just in case you guys haven't it yet.


Rachel Vistein
Carnegie Mellon Biology PhD student

Alejandro Montenegro-Montero said...

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for the post. It's always nice to know that people from other countries are reading our blog.

We've actually posted the Epmotion video here before... it's awesome!! (in a geeky sort of way)
[Are you tired of pipetting?]

I'll post more of these videos as I find them.