Thursday, June 4, 2009

New MS protocol at Nature Protocols

I've been away from blogging for a while, because tomorrow I turn in my PhD Thesis Project, and a few weeks after that, I'll be taking my qualification exam: this means that for the last few weeks I've been reading my eyes out and studying, giving me little time to review articles and other items to highlight here at MolBio Research Highlights.

As part of my project (actually as an alternative approach) I've been thinking about using mass spectrometry (MS) to identify if the particular protein I'm studying is regulated through phosphorylation (sorry, can't give more details at the time). This is great as you can sequence phosphopeptides even if they are present at very low levels.
By some coincidence, while thinking about this, Nature Protocols alerted me of their latest FREE featured paper, a new MS protocol for the detection of peptide post-translational modifications.

Here's the link and reference:

Unwin RD, et al. (2009) A sensitive mass spectrometric method for hypothesis-driven detection of peptide post-translational modifications: multiple reaction monitoring-initiated detection and sequencing (MIDAS). Nature Protocols 4,870-877.

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