Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Science badges

During my (short) scientific life, I've worked in very different research projects: Alzheimer's, plant molecular biology, mRNA splicing and presently, circadian rhythms. This has had me doing research through diverse approaches and techniques, throughout the years. While some have criticized my allegedly "lack of focus", I value all of these experiences as I consider them to have helped me grow as a scientist, for example by studying biology through different perspectives, discussing science with lots of different people and attending seminars in a variety of topics, among other reasons.

So after reading about it over at Sandwalk, and considering my diverse experience in science, I've decided to join the Science Scouts ("Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique"), not only to promote this geeky funny initiative, but also (ok, mainly) as a somewhat small personal reward. Why reward, you may ask. As a Scout organization, Science Scouts awards badges for several different "achievements" in science. I just figured that working in different fields would get me more badges, considering the different things I've done, but apparently it's not the case :-P

For example, shall you clone something (and I've cloned a lot of stuff over the years), then you are awarded this nice badge:

Also, if you blog about science, they this badge is for you:

Anyway, there are lots of badges I look forward to obtaining, like the one awarded by publishing in Science or Nature.
Here are some of my other badges. Take a look at the Science Scout's site and learn what they mean.

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