Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Top 100 Journals in Biology and Medicine

I've just learned about this (although the list has been around for a while):

In conjunction with SLA’s Centennial, the BioMedical & Life Sciences Division conducted a poll among its 686 members, to identify the 100 most influential journals of Biology & Medicine over the last 100 years

Wow, that's a hard task. Lot's of journals come to mind... but let's continue with the news..

Interestingly, there was an entire section devoted to "Molecular and Cellular Biology journals, which also included Journals in Biotechnology and the Leading Multiscience Publications".

You can check the whole list here.

The "DBIO Top 10" journals were announced yesterday at the DBIO Annual Business luncheon during the Centennial Conference in Washington, DC, where Nature was awarded the first place. (OK, so maybe I made a good decision to renew my print subscription for the third year in a row). Anyway, this sounds OK to me. [You can check more details about it here: Nature wins 'journal of the century' award!]

Other journals which also made the list (and if they hadn't made it, it would have been, IMHO, a somewhat misleading poll) include Science, Cell and PNAS.

To some of my readers, it would interesting to know that Plant Physiology (but not The Plant Journal or Plant Cell) made the cut (although this may be related to their different "ages" and the fact that the scope in the early days of Plant Physiology also included fungi research).

On the other hand, I was surprised to see the EMBO Journal and the FASEB journal in the list. Not that I think they are not important journals in their fields, but I hardly consider them to be among the "most influential journals in the last 100 years".

Anyway, I'm not sure I see the point on doing such a poll, but good for Nature.
Also, I hardly think that a scientist will be influenced by this list at all, in a similar way that scientists are not (or should not) be influenced by the impact factor, when analyzing papers, but then again, I don't think this was the purpose behind making this list... so, why was this poll put together? Any thoughts?

Are the most influential journals in your field represented in this list? Check it out here.

Image credit: Copyright © 2009, American College of Chest Physicians

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